Inspiring individually tailored tuition offered on flute, clarinet and saxophone!

• Ever been drawn by the desire to learn to play the flute, clarinet or saxophone but not had the courage to take that huge first step?
• Would you prefer the privacy and comfort of learning in your own home?
• Would you like to work with a motivating performer and educator?
• Are you a budding musician eager to develop your musicianship skills alongside an accomplished professional?
• Are you looking for a brilliant world of musical joy and escapism away from life's turmoils?

Amy offers individualised tuition on flute, clarinet and saxophones via Zoom, Skype, Facetime or any other video calling platform.

All abilities and ages welcome!

For more information please get in touch via the contact page.



I highly recommend Amy . I have had only a few clarinet lessons with her as pretty much a beginner as, being honest, I am an OAP !! although I last picked up a clarinet maybe 30 years ago. With my practise and Amy's enthusiasm I am now playing over the break. A bit of a squeak but Amy is so patient and kind and has made lots of helpful suggestions to improve my playing. I look forward to my lessons and would encourage anyone, old or young, with an instrument to pick it up and have a go with Amy.

Ann, Northants.


I am amazed how much I have learnt in 3 weeks. Amy is a really relaxed teacher with great patience.

Martin, Northants 


Amy is friendly and flexible in her approach to teaching and has a lovely and encouraging way about her. Thank you Amy!

Wendy, Northants


Amy, I just wanted to say that you have helped this older, very late starter no end! You have helped build my confidence, always encouraging and affirming while also keeping me up to the mark! I am enjoying my lessons, my practise, my playing! Thank you.

Lesley, Northants.